STRUCTURAL CARE:  A damar resin is added to the wax to add extra sheen when polished and more importantly, to harden it, thus making encaustic work more durable.  As with any piece of artwork, you will want to handle it with care.   The painting is very stable under normal temperatures.  It may soften slightly on a hot day, but only direct heat or temps in excess of around 120-150 degrees depending on the situation will affect the painting. ( In creating the work I use 185-200 degrees).  Likewise, freezing temps may cause the work to crack or chip if mishandled.   Like all paintings, it may be damaged if left in hot or cold cars or storage areas.  Normal household temperatures will not affect its integrity, although it should not be placed anywhere that receives direct heat or prolonged sunlight.  Do not frame with glass.   SURFACE CARE:  Encaustic art takes up to a year to fully cure, or harden.  Although the surface of the painting appears dry and feels hard, it can be scratched, chipped, or dented if handled roughly or dropped.   To CLEAN your artwork, use a soft, lint-free cloth to dust gently, or you may use a lightly moistened cloth with water only if necessary.  To POLISH, carefully rub the surface with a clean cloth or you can use your hand (no rings).  You will want to do this every 2-3 months if you like a shiny surface.   TRAVEL/SHIPPING:  Encaustic travels well with a bit of special care. There are many options and opinions on how to safely ship the artwork. USPS (smaller pieces), UPS, FedEx, and other shipping companies have been used successfully. Next day delivery is best. I offer these basic guidelines:  Wrap the work with parchment paper or wax paper to protect the surface and edges.  Then bubble wrap the piece with bubbles facing AWAY from the surface and place in a snug box with added padding and insulation material. Avoid shipping in extreme temperatures.  Insure your package, ship in the least amount of time (overnight best), and ship at the beginning of the week to insure that the package doesn’t sit in a hot or freezing warehouse over a weekend (or holiday). Tell the person receiving the package to be on the lookout for it (day, time, method of shipping) so that it doesn’t sit in a hot/freezing mailbox, etc.   ***NEVER LEAVE YOUR ARTWORK IN A VEHICLE.  Not even 5 minutes!  Play it safe!   Thank you and I truly hope that you enjoy your encaustic artwork!! Sincerely, Debra Lindberg

Download Encaustic Care sheet: care_for_Encaustic.PDF

Questions, contact me: Debra Lindberg

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