Debra J. Lindberg ~ Encaustic Collage Artist

What is Encaustic?

Encaustic (meaning “to burn in”) is an ancient technique using a mixture of molten beeswax and damar tree resin (added for sheen and durability) that dates back to the late 1st century B.C. (for more info see: https://allthingsencaustic.com/introduction-encaustic/).

My Process:

My work employs a traditional encaustic process that involves heating the wax mixture, or medium, to 200 degrees, applying it to a sturdy, porous surface with a brush and fusing with a heat gun or torch.  I repeat this process many times forming layers with inclusions of collage elements, various pigments, batiks, transfers and other materials. The resulting work of art has an unmatched level of depth and luminosity that is unique to encaustic. With proper care, my encaustic artwork will last for many generations.

“As a collage artist, I find that encaustic provides the perfect ethereal beauty and depth in the work that I love to create”

Debra J. Lindberg

Artistic inspiration came at an early age as Debra was often found exploring the streams and woods with her grandfather. Her first artistic work “Love Is” was a poster-sized John Lennon collage created in high school. In the late 70’s Debra explored Sumi-e painting, taking classes and producing a number of art pieces. By 1980 she was creating needle lace dragonfly art jewelry pins and 3-D framed needle lace art. Then, with a renewed interest in painting, Debra explored oil painting with exciting results. The longer drying times of oils created an issue so acrylics were next on her artistic journey. In 2007, with the desire to create more depth in her acrylic collages, Deb found the perfect medium, encaustic painting, which involves using a heated beeswax and resin mixture to which colored pigments can be added. While researching and exploring encaustic, Debra has attended several encaustic workshops as well as continued on-line research propelling her into a present-day artistic success. With lifelong inspirations and influences such as her gardening and photography, Debra’s current work incorporates a traditional wax medium and paint process with the inclusion of collage.